NECTAR is having an online fundraiser to expand the NECTAR Mission and ACTION to ripple out in ever widening circles; continue to host forums, create and share a children's festival, raise funds and awareness for other amazing non-profits, and hire an employee to help me with logistics, tech and outreach. 

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NECTAR - Art Heals

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NECTAR is a professional level artists' forum highlighting
relevant social themes through the ARTS and EDUCATION.

 Photo of NECTAR founder Cybil Gilbertson by Kathee Miller (c) 2012.

NECTAR was founded by Cybil Gilbertson (www.cybilgilbertson.com) in October 2009, as a response to the suicide of her beloved Aunt Barbara in 2007. NECTAR has since hosted over 250 artists and highlighted the work of 14 notable Santa Barbara county organizations such as: The Glendon Association, The Santa Barbara Birth Center, The Central Coast Doulas, Art Without Limits, Hospice of Santa Barbara, The Threshold Choir, All For Animals, The Community Counseling and Education Center, Transition House, Friendship Center and Artbark International.

NECTAR is at home at Yoga Soup in downtown Santa Barbara (www.yogasoup.com) and takes place 4 times a year as an evening length forum. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to the organization that is being highlighted for each show!

NECTAR is intended as a lab for local artists to investigate, create and share meaningful work with their community, in a space that is safe and vital.  Artists are supported to engage with themes that are socially and personally charged and then share their process through their artistic medium at the intimate NECTAR forum. Each show, a call to artists is opened to the community. Artists called to the specific theme of the show come forward and create new work, or revive a piece from the past. 

NECTAR has been recognized several times since 2009; receiving the Art Collaborative Direct-to-Artist Grant in 2010, and the Santa Barbara County Arts Grant in both 2011 and 2012.. NECTAR is under the umbrella organization of Art Without Limits (AWOL), 501 (c)(3), directed by Julie McLeod. AWOL acts as fiscal receiver for NECTAR for grants and donations both public and private.

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